MFA – International Feline Association


was founded in 1994 by 7 clubs from different cities of Russia. The main targets were:

·        New clubs assistance

·        Show and breed rules optimized to our conditions

·        National aborigine cat breeds registration


Each MFA club gets the status of a candidate and after the international cat show made by this club, General meeting will vote to fully membership for the candidate. In 2001 clubs from Kazakhstan and Byelorussia were admitted to MFA, and later Moldavia and Kirgizia clubs.  MFA shows are held from Sankt Petersburg in the west till Vladivostok in the east, from Abakan in the north till Bishkek in the south.


MFA cat shows are European style shows – with judge reports, European title and Best in Show.  Two judgments in one show are allowed.  MFA invites to MFA shows judges from CFA, TICA, WCF.  MFA is partner of the biggest multi-system shows as Grand Prix in Moscow, Zooterra in Sankt Petersburg, Zoomir in Krasnodar.


MFA judge program requires genetics knowledge, show rules, standards and practical assistance. The examination is taken for each breed separately and the judge receives the category “national category” (as “trainee judge”) After 3 years judge practice National judge may apply for International category. Each judge is obliged to participate at least in 2 Judging Seminars in show season and to hold not less than 2 seminars for breeders.


MFA Standards are based on the GCCF standards and for some breed in TICA and CFA, with our proper Standards for National aborigine cat breeds. Standards Committee updates some standards if General Meeting requires it.


MFA Breeding Rules requires that cat welfare is our principal target.  The cats must be in good conditions, well treated, and assisted by vets. Not allowed to keep cats in cages nor leave them in the street. The female may have 2 litters in 3 years. The kittens can leave the  cattery nor less than 3 months old.


First legal registration was in 1994, in 2003 MFA was reorganized as Non profit Partnership, and in 2014 another change was made due to  Russian laws. Now the full name of the Partnership in the foreign language (English) is “International Feline Association” (MFA) The abbreviated name of the Partnership in the foreign language (English): “MFA”.


MFA  history

2001 – 10 clubs – 12 cat shows

2002 – 31 clubs – 42 cat shows

2005 – 48 clubs - 70 cat shows

2013 – 53 clubs – 115 cat shows …

  • 54 clubs in 5 countries
  • 32 cat judges
  • 16 cat seminars in show season
  • 3250 catteries
  • 87 cat shows





President, Show committee  – Shevchenko Helen



1 Vice President, Judge committee – Barisheva Galina



2 Vice President – Ukhanova Irina



Standards committee – Klik Inna

The MFA president
Shevchenko Helen
(E-mail: mfa-thebest@yandex.ru)



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