European BIS

All breeds are divided into 5 groups:
  • Longhair - Persian, Exotics

  • Semi Longhair - Maine coon, Siberian, Norwegian, Somali, Angora, Neva masquerade, Ragdoll

  • Shorthair: British, Scottish fold (SH and LH), Scottish SH and LH, Abyssinian, Russian blue, European SH, Burmese, Bombay etc.

  • Oriental: Siamese, Oriental, Balinese, Javanese

  • 5th group: all the rexes (Cornish, Devon, Selkirk), all the sphinxes (Canadian, Don, Peter bold), all the bobtails (Kurilian - SH and SLH, Japanese), unchkin, American curl (SH and LH)
The experts nominate cats in a category in each breed's group:
  • Litter
  • Neuter
  • Kitten - 3 - 6 month (regardless the sex)
  • Junior - 6 - 10 month (regardless the sex)
  • Adults - in each group - Male and Female
The choice:
  • From nominated Litters in each group of breeds experts choose only one - the best one in the group. (vote ONLY ring experts, it means - those who were judges for these cats at an exhibition)
  • Best of the Best is chosen from 5 best Litters in 5 groups (vote ONLY all breed judges)

The same procedure realize with Kitten and Junior: at the beginning the best in the group is chosen, then the best cats in the groups are compared for the title Best of Best.

BOB in Adult: at first in each group judges choose the Best Female cat of group, and then - best Male cat of group.

Then they compare among themselves - winner becomes title "Best in show", another - "Best in show opposite sex".

Vote ONLY those experts which have judged these cats at the cat-show.

PROCEDURE of voting: OPEN - each expert shows cat number, for which he/she votes. In case of different opinions - the judges vote one after another, by turns.

BOB in Adult:
Vote ONLY all-breed judges. Each judge fills in written form:

1 place 2 place 3 place 4 place 5 place
12 ABY n 2 CRX d 33 45 SIB d 23 66 ORI a 76 PER ds
25 points 20 points 15 points 10 points 5 points

The BOB Show-manager announces:
"Your points for number 12". Each judge shows how many points were received by number 12.
The BOB steward writes down information about points and summarizes them. The places on a BOB are depending on receiving points.

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