Breed index: DSX

History: The specific feature of this breed is hairlessness caused by spontaneous dominant mutation. These cats were found Rostov-on-Don, 1987. All don sphinx derived from hairless queen named Chita.

General: hairless cats of medium size, with strong bones, wrinkled skin, soft velvety and hot to the touch. Clearly expresses sexual dimorphism. They are very active and exemplary behavioured.
Kittens may be born hairless or covered by wavy rex coat and "bald spot" on the head. Curly whiskers are distinguished sign for newly born Don sphinx. Eyes are opened early - on the 1-3 day of life.

Head: modified wedge with finely outlined cheek-bones and eyebrows. Noticeable eye-balls. Flat forehead. Nose of medium length, straight, with slight dip to the forehead. The muzzle is not long, with a light pinch, slightly rounded. Canine teeth are long, may be protruding from behind the upper lip. Chin and jaws are well-developed.

Whiskers: curly, thick may be broken or be absent.

Ears: large, set wide apart and slightly tilted forward, wide opened, with rounded tips. The outer edge of the ear is in the cheeks-line.

Eyes: medium size, almond shaped, slanted, not wide opened. Any colors.

Body: medium length, dense, muscular, strong, with wide croup. Straight medium long legs, rounded paws, long toes.

Tail: medium long, straight, tapering to the tip.

Skin: elastic, "excessive", wrinkled on the head, neck, under legs and in the groin. With young cats the muzzle may be covered with short, thin fur, slightly lengthened on cheeks and at the ears base, "ear muff". Slim fur trimming of the whole body can make the appearance in winter. Allowance to be made for residual fur on the "points", muzzle, ears, legs and tail. The residual fur must fully disappeared by adult cats by 2 years. Full hairlessness is preferable.
The variety "brush" - bristly - has safe wavy, often wire fur on the whole body, with bold area on the head, upper part of neck or on the back. They can use in breeding parting, take part in the cat's show, but can't take part in the Champion ships.

Colors: all colors are acceptable. All "tabby" and "torbie" variety combined into the "tabby" and "torbie" group without distinguishing as per their markings.

Faults: short, round or narrow head, small or low set ears, round eyes, too short or long, slim body, short tail, complete covering with fur on the whole body, malocclusion less than 2 mm.

Disqualify: one or both eyelids turn inwards. Malocclusion.

Outcross with other breeds: is not allowed since 2005.

Point score:
  Head (shape and proportion, shape and set ears and eyes) 25
  Type (proportion of the body, legs and tail) 30
  Skin, wrinkles 40
  Condition 5   
  Total 100

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