About Jean-Paul Maas:

I met Jean-Paul Maas in 1992 at a cat show of our club and I have been proud of being his friend. He was one of experts there and was a jury member for Persian cats and long-wool cats. Breeders, visitors and members of the committee paid attention not only to his professional qualities, but were charmed by his comity of manner, amiability and sense of humor at the show.

There is much to say about Mr. Mass: his grandmother was Armenian, and it was probably her, from whom he inherited his culinary talent and humor; he speaks fluent English, French and German and very decent Russian. Being a professional journalist he wrote a lot of articles and books about cat breeding, genetics. He consulted companies producing cat food and goods for pets. He was an extremely respectable and competent experts in the world recognized in all reputable organizations: he worked at shows all over the world and breeders were happy to receive his praise.

Jean-Paul had a wonderful gift of communication and an insight into a human nature. Any, even a most aggressive cat turned into a deal able pet pussy once he whispered "magic words" to its ear. His explanations of genetic things were simple and easy to understand and his stories about a breed were vivid and interesting. He was educated, well-read and interested in history of our country and arts. He opened the Tretyakov Gallery and paintings of Repin in Moscow for himself.

I was lucky to de his pupil, and he was my examiner in Persian cats, though it was not an easy examI am proud that our club was presented with many articles and a course of lectures in genetics written in a simple and easy-to-understand language. Even now, having some doubts while judging I think "What Jean-Paul would do?" and his advice on colours, genetics and judging are still relevant.

Mr. Maas authority in the cat world was great: his opinion did weigh, his advice was asked for by breeders and judges from all over the world. A talented expert who could "see" a breed dressed in amiability and humor of a writer and a warm heart of a cats' friend - that's the image of Jean-Paul Mass, which will stay with us forever.

Thank you, Jean Paul


Louise Guezennec says:

Dear Helen,

thank you for this new site and beautiful presentation of your "cat world".
Since we got to know each other, you have done a huge job and brought together many clubs in your country. Where there was mistrust and scepticism between clubs, there is now togetherness and good will. Clubs arrange shows together and recognize each others' certificates. I wish we could have that situation in my country! I congratulate you to the professionalism with which you conduct all the clubs, and I thank you for having invited me to judge with you.

The Independent Clubs of Scandinavia welcome the (for us) new Russian breeds and also the expertise and skill of the Russian experts. I wish you all the best in the future and I hope to see you soon again!

For the Independent Clubs in Scandinavia Louise Guezennec


Janny Gelen says:

It was the first time for me to Moscow at 2 and 3 december 2006 and I was invited by Helen Sevchenko.
I was at the Royal Canin show in Moscow, and I liked it very mutch. So mutch impressions at the show with very beautiful cats. Everything was very well organized and relaxed, also the people at the show ware very friendly. The hotel where we stay was very good and the food was also very nice. At first I was a little affraid to go to Russia, but that feeling is all gone now. I staid a day longer to see some beautiful things from Moscow, with Helen and a friend as our guide.
It was for me a very nice experience, I hope to see Moscow sometime again.

Best regards,


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