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History: The breed is created as a result of introduction of dominant Don hairless mutation to genotype of oriental breed.

General: hairless, elegant, slim but strong animals, hot at the touch, with long body, long legs and long tails.
Kittens may be born hairless or covered by wavy rex coat and "bald spot" on the head. Curly whiskers are distinguished sign for newly born sphinx. Eyes are opened early - on the 2-5 day of life.

Head: wedge-shaped, with flat plan at the top of the head high cheekbones and flat cheeks. Straight profile. Muzzle should not be sharply pointed. A slight pinch is allowable. Chin is perpendicular with the end of the nose and with under chin level.

Whiskers: curly or may be absent.

Eyes: almond shaped. Set slanted. Eye colors should be green or blue.

Ears: large, not wide at the base, medium set. Outer lines of the ears continuing the lines of the wedge.

Body: long, well muscled. Legs are long, slim but strong-boned. Oval paws with long toes.

Tail: long, thin and tapering to the tip.

Skin: thin, "excessive", wrinkled. Residual fur at the "points" (muzzle, ears, legs, tail) is allowable.

Color: all. All "tabby" and "torbie" variety combined into the "tabby" and "torbie" group without distinguishing as per their markings.

Penalize: rounded head, round eyes, small ears, short body, short or incorrectly ended tail, complete covering with curled fur. Malocclusion.

Disqualify: eyelids turn inwards. Malocclusion. Complete covering of normal-developed fur.

Outcrosses with another breeds: oriental, Siamese.

Point score:
  Head, ears 25
  Eyes 5
  Body, legs, tail 25
  Skin, wrinkles, color 40
  Condition 5   
  Total 100

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