Head: Well rounded with a firm chin and jaw. Flat forehead is a fault. Muzzle to have rounded whisker pads. Head should blend into a short neck. Prominent cheeks with a jowly appearance in males.

Eyes: Wide open with a sweet expression. Large, well rounded, and separated by a broad nose. Eye color to correspond with a color.

Nose: Nose to be short with a gentle curve. A brief stop is permitted but a definitive nose break considered a fault. Profile is moderate in appearance.

Ears: From small to medium size, broad in the base, set broad and straight.

Body: Medium, rounded, and even from shoulder to pelvic girdle. The cat should stand firm with a well padded body. There must be no hint of thickness or lack of mobility in the cat due to short coarse legs. Overall appearance is that of a well founded cat with medium bone, fault cats obviously lacking in type.

Tail: Tail should be medium to long but in proportion to the body. Longer, tapering tail preferred.

Coat: SH - dense, plush, even. Short to medium short in length.

  • Head - 10
  • Neck - 5
  • Ears - 10
  • Eyes - 10
  • Nose - 10
  • Boby - 10
  • Legs - 5
  • Tail - 10
  • Color - 10
  • Coat - 10
  • Condition - 10

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