THAI BOBTAIL (Thai short-tailed, Thaibob)

Preliminary standard

Breed index: TBT

History: Thai bobtails were apportioned from Thai (traditional Siamese) non-pedigree cat population in Russia. These short-tailed animals composed the breeding pool..

General: medium sized, well-muscled, but elegant colorpointed cat with short curved tail.

Head: medium in size, in shape of short slightly rounded wedge. Flat plan at the top of the head. A gentle dip from the forehead to the nose, without definite stop. Chin is firm.

Eyes: rounded. Set far apart and slanted along the cheekbones toward the outer edge of the ears. Eye color should vary from light blue to deep blue.

Ears: medium sized, wide at the base, with rounded tips. Set wide apart, much of the sides of the head than at the top.

Body: medium in length, muscled, well-boned. Legs are medium in length in proportion to body, thin but muscled, with small oval paws.

Tail: no longer than third part of the length of the body, usually flexible. Composed of one or more kinks or curves or any combination thereof. Shorter tails are preferable (but visible tail length should be not less than 3 cm).

Coat: short, close-lying, thin but not silky. Noticeable undercoat.

Color: all variants of colorpoint.

Penalize: large or heavy body type, round head, compact stature. Short straight tail. Ail shorter than 3 cm.

Disqualify: piebald spotting. Eyes color with the exception of blue. Absence of the tail. Long tail.

Outcross with other breeds are not allowable.

Point score
  Head, eyes, ears 20
  Body and legs 20
  Coat 10
  Color 15
  Tail 30
  Condition 5   
  Total 100

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