Breed index: THA

History: non-pedigree Thai (traditional Siamese) were imported in Russia at the 1960-1963.

General: medium sized colorpointed cat, with rounded lines of the body and good muscular development, compact but elegant.

Head: medium in size, pleasingly rounded, without any flat planes or angles. Forehead is slightly convex. Definite cheeks. A gentle dip from the forehead to the nose, without stop. Nose medium long and straight. Definite rounded muzzle. Chin is firm. Neck from short to medium in length, short neck is preferable.

Eyes: rounded, the bottom eyelid is curved more than the top one. Set far apart and slanted along the cheekbones toward the outer edge of the ears. Eye color should vary from medium blue to deep blue.

Ears: medium sized, wide at the base, with rounded tips. Set wide apart, much of the sides of the head than at the top.

Body: medium in size, dense, muscled and well-boned, with broad chest. Legs are medium in length, sturdy, tapering to small rounded paws.

Tail: medium long in proportion to the body. Thick at the base and tapering to the tip.

Coat: short, close-lying, thin in texture but not silky, with definite undercoat.

Color: all variants of colorpoint.

Penalize: too large body, long body and legs. Flat planes of the head. Definite stop. Wedge-shaped or fully round head. Too soft, silky or too hard coat. Absence of the undercoat.

Disqualify: piebald spotting. Eyes color with the exception of blue.

Outcross with other breeds not allowable.

Point score:
  Head and ears 25
  Eyes 15
  Body, legs, tail 25
  Coat 10
  Color 20
  Condition 5   
  Total 100

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